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Twitch: Pokémon Badge Collector

As they were planning a ten-week marathon of Pokémon TV shows and movies on their Twitch Presents channel, Twitch came to Stink Studios to explore the untapped potential of Extensions to better engage fans and foster camaraderie among members of the Twitch community. We created a mini-game to turn the marathon into a live, collaborative, Pokémon badge-collecting experience. The Pokémon Badge Collector Extension allows tens of thousands of concurrent viewers to train alongside Ash and friends by catching and collecting Pokémon badges that appear in the stream—earning points, unlocking bonuses, and competing for a spot on the global leaderboard while they watch. I served as a hands-on Technical Director on this project, pushing the Twitch developer experience platform to meet the needs of this extension, as well as coordinating asset management with the Pokémon team.

Project Roles
Developer, Director
Back-End Development, Front-End Development
Twitch: Pokémon Badge Collector
Twitch: Pokémon Badge Collector