McCormick Product Innovation

Music and grilling together at last. Introducing McCormick’s latest grilling innovation: the SMR HITS 5000 (originally titled the DJBBQ5000. Name changed due to some tragic last-minute legal reasons. SAD!). This fully functioning grill is also a fully functioning music maker. Lift a McCormick condiment off one of the side “turn tables” to choose your base track, throw down some meat on the grill to add different musical elements, and shake those condiments in the air for some very special sound effects. And who better to reveal this innovation to the world than DJ Jazzy Jeff and Chef Myron Mixon? This tech innovation is the whole wild, absurd, amazing, and totally unnecessary kit and caboodle. What more could a creative ask for in a project?

Project Roles
Art Director, Copywriter, Designer
Grey Advertising
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Musical Effects, Post-Production, Producing, Sound Design
Advertising, Events, Product Designs
Project Industries
Advertising, Media
McCormick Product Innovation