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Staropramen Glass

I jumped at the chance to design what I hoped would become my first physical product—a real prototype. What started as a napkin sketch turned into a detailed production brief that was handed off to a team of well-known Czech product designers and glassmakers. Before long, I was actually holding what I had designed on that napkin—a brand new, limited-edition beer glass for Staropramen (the famous Czech beer and global Molson-Coors brand). The Staropramen Glass, handcrafted by the finest glassmakers in the Czech Republic, is a limited edition product that pays homage to the brand’s origins while also capturing Prague’s playful spirit—an impressive mix of the modern and traditional.

Project Roles
Art Director, Copywriter, Creative Director, Designer, Product Designer
Art Direction, Copywriting, Creative Strategy, Design, Management of Teams 1-10, Project Management
Commercials - Video, HTML 5 Banners, Products - Physical, Websites
Staropramen Glass