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Visuals buildout for BJR Guitars

BENNY! Ah, Benny, one of my first clients and favorite people in this endeavor of building sites for people. He is my favorite because he has a deep connection with his creative process and in turn had so much respect and support for mine. He gave me free reign to photograph, design and visually communicate how I saw fit. It was a dream getting to watch him work in his wood shop and show me all of the processes he uses to build (and re-build) guitars. I think we spent a solid two hours just talking about life and art. Music is such a giant inspiration in the world, Benny told me all kinds of stories about his life on the road with bands throughout his career. I even got to hold NEIL FREAKING YOUNG’S GUITAR. My Mom freaked out. Wow. Loved it. Love Benny. If you want or have a guitar and want it to be in the absolute best hands a guitar can be- call Benny.

Project Roles
Art Director, Photographer
BJR Guitars
Photojournalism, Portrait Photography, Still Life Photography
Project Industries
Visuals buildout for BJR Guitars