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The Splice sample catalog is inspiring, comprehensive, and as diverse as the types of people making music with it. All kinds of sounds — from percussive one shots and guitar loops, to foley, and other fx — can be found in the sample library to suit all types of songs, compositions, and production needs. The Splice marketing team approached us to develop a series of video spots that would help show the power of the Splice product specifically targeted for people who had previously heard of Splice but hadn’t yet to try it. These were not product walk-through videos; instead, we wanted to show how easy it was to go from searching for a sound to creating with that sound. We had deployed and measured numerous pieces of creative over the years and observed that brighter colors with quick, flashy cuts greatly increased engagement. This series was designed to appeal to a wide-range of genres and catch the eye of the quick scrolling browser. In the end, these pieces generated a 30% greater reach than previous creative. Additional Product Credits at URL :)

Project Roles
Creative Director
Content Writing, Creative Direction, Producing
Commercials - Video, Social Media Content
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Music, Technology
That Track Ad
That Track Ad
That Track Ad
That Track Ad