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Enoki Club

Enoki Club is a small social club curated by Sarah Philouze Studio to gather her friends in the studio. Let’s do something together! What started as a Halloween costume workshop became a “workshop with friends” recurring event, where each club member teaches the others one thing, in one afternoon, every month. Enoki club is not exclusive to these activities. Enoki club can shape-shift into more things… Enoki club could suddenly become a bakery, or a label, it could become a gardening club or a brand of jam. Qui est Enoki? … who knows! The branding itself relies on a multilevel logo that starts with a detailed badge all the way down to a simple wordmark for maximum merch possibilities.

Project Roles
Art Director, Copywriter, Designer
Chloé x Albane
Adobe Illustrator, Art Direction, Creative Direction
Project Industries
Entertainment, Lifestyle
Enoki Club
Enoki Club
Enoki Club
Enoki Club