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Dear Sales Rep

Are all sales reps just the worst? Well, of course not. That's a tad harsh. But those that spam you incessantly during dinner, don't care about your needs, and only care about closing ... they're a different story. At HubSpot, we wanted to present a new picture of a sales leader. One that's empathetic, helpful, and a partner in the buyers journey. In this video, we flipped the narrative of your average cold call. It's a message from the customer to sales rep, pleading for a higher standard. My involvement in this video began with the pitch. I worked with our copy writer and designer to bring the script through the storyboard phase. I was inspired by some of the collage work I've seen and wanted to adapt it for the HubSpot brand. I directed our voiceover artists, edited the sound, and animated the piece.

Project Roles
2D, Sound Editing
2D Animations
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Dear Sales Rep