Laura Muñoz Bravo Brand Identity

Laura is a Personal Trainer specialised in Biomedicine passionate about sport, science and surfing. Her professional goal is changing people’s everyday’s focussing on a health perspective through sport. She promulgate the idea that sport is a media to reach goals in life and that is also a healing/recovery activity. As a trainer specialised in Biomedicine, she has a disruptive method compared to Personal Trainers. Laura puts science as the starting point on her training sessions. Laura came up with the idea of running her own business, so I started a research to develop a strategic move that improves her perception in Social Media. To do that we started with a naming strategy to create hers own username. As a result of the research we found that the name itself has no identity (as it is a common name in latin-speaking markets). We came up with a username that defines her work and was not in use: @laura.traininglab Why we’ve used the name as brand instead of ‘traininglab’? That move was a result of a research in personal brand identities. Traininglab is a long-term strategic item we keep once we got enough awareness to define a non-personal focused brand. Then, we created an Instagram channel that works as a platform that centralise hers potential audiences. To do that, we defined the following strategy that has this identity as a result. The identity was developed defining an Art Direction style, the brand key visuals and the logo. In that case Laura Muñoz Bravo is the brand itself.

Project Roles
Animator, Art Director, Designer
Art Direction, Brand Strategy, Design, Motion
Brand Identity
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Laura Muñoz Bravo Brand Identity