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Balmain x Puma x Cara Delevingne

The new campaign for PUMA x BALMAIN created with Cara Delevingne is all about fighting the good fight. The powerful, boxing-inspired, interactive campaign focuses on real-life stories of people who are actually fighting today’s good fights: those bravely taking a stand for what they believe in and those defending everyone’s right to be themselves. The campaign's creative direction and video directed by Philippa Price, images shot by Brianna Capozzi highlight a beautifully diverse group of individuals from all parts of the world and a wide range of fields—art, sport, music, dance, academia, and literature—each with an inspiring story to share. Filled with tales underlining the power of human connection and inclusivity, the campaign for the PUMA x BALMAIN created with Cara Delevingne collection.

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