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Game Inspires Game

Game Inspires Game is a research based thesis installation that is about the inequality within professional female soccer. Due to my personal relationship with the sport, my graphic design education, and my passopn for protest pieces I decided to dive deep into this thesis subject. Through case study research on recent law suits pertaining to gender inequality, the I found plenty of subject matter to support my thesis statement. The project starts with an in depth trading card book filled with an A-Z dictionary of inspiration pieces for this project, it continues with a video that highlights specific lawsuits and individual soccer player’s stories about inqualities they have personally faced, and it ends with a collection of nine professional soccer jersies that the artist screenprinted images of specific players/teams onto. The living room setting pays tribute to the classic soccer game viewing environment and allows viewers to comforably watch the video, observe the memorialized jerseys, and peruse the trading cards. The entire exhibition was presented in a gallery space for ten days during May 2019 in Boston, MA. The duration of this project lasted four months.

Project Roles
Creative Director
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Creative Direction, Motion, After Effects
Game Inspires Game