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Del Valle High End Sampling

Coca-Cola Company challenged us to launch an innovative and different sampling experience for the new Del Valle 100% Origins juices. A 360 campaign that was launched in a beautiful picnic event, then spread out by digital influencers with the help of digital sampling in Instagram, and after, ended up with a massive sampling experience at supermarkets all around brazil. The new product, 100% natural, was launched in a picnic at a beautiful garden house in Sao Paulo, filled with influencers and special guests that posted the experience and spread the launching of the new juices, making the online buzz we intended. The following step of the campaign was to promote a digital sampling of the juices. We gave away thousand of juice samples through our digital influencers to their audience, that received small bottles directly to their houses. At the same time, we invaded supermarkets all around the states of Brazil with our sampling bikes so consumers could taste the new Del Valle Origins juices.

Project Roles
Art Director, Creative Director, Designer, Set Designer
Del Valle
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Creative Direction, Design, Event Management, Experiential, Packaging Design, Social Media Strategy
Advertising, Brand Identity, Corporate Events, Environmental Design, Events, Packaging, Retail Designs
Project Industries
Beverage, Entertainment, Retail
Del Valle High End Sampling