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Explainer - Women's Fund of Rhode Island

Working directly with the client, I wrote the script, developed the visual style, and created a storyboard and style boards. I will be animating the video in the next month and update soon with the results. The project is focused on helping the client communicate their organization's philosophy with current and potential donors. They want to be seen as impacting systemic change, not just putting band-aids on problems in society. This explainer focuses on the difference between social equity and social equality to demonstrate the organization's philosophical approach to change. The visual style is meant to connect with young, potential future donors without alienating clients from older generations. The visuals are friendly yet professional, leaving room for viewers to interact with the piece on different levels.

Project Roles
Animator, Illustrator, Writer
Women's Fund of Rhode Island
2D, Adobe Animate, Adobe Illustrator, After Effects, Content Writing, Storyboarding
2D Animations, Illustrations
Project Industries
Explainer - Women's Fund of Rhode Island
Explainer - Women's Fund of Rhode Island
Explainer - Women's Fund of Rhode Island