Sprint: Can You Hear Me Now?

It was 2016 and the Sprint brand was in trouble. As #4 in a 4-carrier category, it's no surprise that our first instinct was to embrace a challenger position. But, how could we believably do this when T-Mobile, aka the 'Un-carrier', kept disrupting the category on a seemingly weekly basis? After weeks of trawling, we finally located the data point that would change everything. The wireless category is one of chest-beating, self-congratulations and one-upmanship. So here's the kicker. When it came down to it, there was only a ONE PERCENT DIFFERENCE between us and the others where it mattered most - call and data reliability. Imagine that! And now imagine a strategy that would turn the category on its head by taking a surprisingly refreshing, honest and humble stance that all the carriers are pretty much the same - and by doing so, clearly positioning #1 as a legitimate wrongdoer, happily charging people 50% more for a mere 1% difference.

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Sprint: Can You Hear Me Now?
Sprint: Can You Hear Me Now?
Sprint: Can You Hear Me Now?