The Clubhouse Open on ESPN

This is a VICE Sports Production with Carmelo Anthony for The Clubhouse that aired on ESPN2. I worked closely with the Editors as Art Director and Designer from start to finish. "The Clubhouse will premiere tonight at 9 PM on ESPN2. It's a piece of our growing partnership with ESPN and will be a pilot presented by VICE Sports. This one took us from the Democratic Republic of Congo, to the middle of nowhere in Russia to the back of cop cars in Philly. It's been a wild journey and we're proud to be pushing a different brand of athlete content. Watch it tonight to see a pilot we hope has some serious legs in the future. And stick around after to watch an episode from Season 1 of VICE World of Sports, another great show that I've been lucky enough to produce a couple of episodes for." “If you look at the world of sports coverage and video, one thing you almost never see is athletes doing the actual storytelling—so for us, this was a no-brainer,” said Will Kiersky, Vice Sports Publisher

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The Clubhouse Open on ESPN