YETI In Pursuit

Most outdoor brands are in it for the win. Not YETI. They’re in it for the pursuit, not the prize. For YETI’s first mass product campaign, we brought this to life with the stories of 3 champion outdoorspeople who quit competition in pursuit of something much greater — with skate legend-turned-director Stacy Peralta capturing it all. Short films lived on digital and :15s lived on social with :30s running during the biggest sports media buys to contrast the big-win mentality with our message. With this campaign, we turned ads into personal stories that inspired people to follow their own pursuits and showed the world just what YETI stands for.  (third video coming soon)

Project Roles
Copywriter, Creative Director
Giant Spoon
Art Direction, Conceptual, Copywriting, Producing, Brand Strategy
Commercials - Broadcast, Large Format Photography (Digital), Products - Digital, Social Media Content
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