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Marco Polo Titles

More action and fire was the goal for this project where I pitched several ideas working in fire as a portal reflecting on key moments of previous episodes as well as future scenes. The final choice landed on the a fire emblazoned title with ancient pictorial script. Each fire plate was given several layers of burning villages in the background. Earlier concepts before the focus became about fire were explored with blood and the path to glory as seen in one of the stills below. Another early form of the animation was based on a tower design from another designer that I then animated and composited all in Cinema 4D along with custom lens flares. The Tower was all procedural displacement and stayed in a very production friendly environment allowing me to iterate on design changes quickly and easily. The composited flames were added as planes in the project so I could get appropriate light and reflection on surfaces.

Project Roles
Art Director, Motion Designer
Framework Studio
2D, 3D, Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Cinema 4D
3D Animations, Motion Graphics, Title Sequences
Project Industries
Marco Polo Titles
Marco Polo Titles