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Reebok: ComplexCon 2018

THE ASK Reebok was looking to increase their presence in the millennial generation, and they wanted to kick it off with at ComplexCon 2018. Dubbed the “Cultural Super Bowl”, ComplexCon is a convergence of all things that shape our culture. It’s the place where creators come together to celebrate the future of music, food, art, pop culture and style. In a floor of show stopping displays, and Reebok needed to create an experience that the audience couldn’t help but gravitate towards. THE SOLVE In an effort to solidify Reebok’s position as a bold brand for the younger generation, the 50×50 exhibit space paid homage to the brand’s 90s heritage in an incredibly modern way. It was an experience built for consumer engagement with multi-sensory interactive displays, automated presentation areas, 3D holographic content and immersive product-focused showcase areas designed for crowd-pleasing product drops. From the Instagrammable, neon-lit tunnel entrance to the box truck that dramatically revealed the latest products, visitors felt the brand’s rich history come to life in inspiring ways. Leveraging the current passion in the fashion world around retro styles and experiences, we successfully created brand heat, drove awareness and engaged visitors for an average of nearly 8 minutes per visit. While this was the first appearance for Reebok at ComplexCon, the experience was such a hit with consumers that Reebok has already signed on for Spring and Fall 2019.

Project Roles
Creative Director
Jack Morton Worldwide
Art Direction, Creative Direction
Reebok: ComplexCon 2018