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Microsoft's Passit App

Microsoft was launching a new social gaming app, headed by their Israeli team. Passit is a mobile trivia game based on the premise of group play, where teams are formed to collaborate with each other and build camaraderie amongst friends and strangers alike. Microsoft asked me to serve as the lead copywriter and creative director, working as a core member along with the Israeli team to develop marketing materials, website copy, as well as in-app copy and trivia questions. The app is currently available in the App Store and Google Play. Prior to its iteration as a trivia game, the app was based on the game "Pass the Parcel," popular for children throughout the world. In its initial phase, the game was a way for friends to choose from quirky attributes and then assign those to given friends, who in turn would then "pass on" the next attribute. Think "hot potato" for positivity. For that phase, one deliverable was writing and directing the launch video below:

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