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Imogen Heap Music Videos

23,190,000 + Youtube Views There it was, the CD that Imogen hand made for me of her new tracks. She had just finished recording them in her flat in London. After listening to it so loud that my neighbors could hear,I got on the phone with her as fast as I could. God, what an incredible album. I felt so honored to be working with her. "So which track do you love?" She asked from London. "All of them, for Gods sake, but ImmI, track 5 is.... Amaaaaazing " I gushed. "Ahhh yes! thank you, that is what everyone is saying" she replied. And that was it, we decided to do the video for Track#5 which is now called "Hide & Seek." A week later, I met up with Immi and her friend, (later to be introduced as Jeff Beck, yeah that Jeff Beck) at the Whiskey Bar, for a post Grammy drink. Immi and took had a moment to talk, where she told me, "I want to make this video as if the camera can't look away from me." We both knew we wanted to create something that wasn't the Sinead O'Connor "one take" video. This demanded something else, something a bit more spiritual, but as expressive and emotive. "What if your voice you created the light?" She looked at me puzzled. I blurted out "So when you whisper, the light is just around your mouth, and when you are silent, the light dies out. But when you are fortissimo, the light is everywhere and you are drowning in it." She loved the idea. And so, we set out to do just that, a Grammy nomination as "Best New Artist" for her and over 18 million views later it seems to have done rather well.

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Imogen Heap Music Videos