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Creative Care

I was approached to write and direct a commercial for a local addiction clinic. It was a incredibly educational experience for me. As a way to educate myself about addiction, and the path to recovery Creative Care offered, I was invited to sit in with doctors and therapists who came together every week to review their cases as a group. Each week the group would offer assistance, and support, to each other on the best way forward to recovery and freedom from addiction for all their patients. One bit of information that stuck with me was that the addict rarely calls for help themselves. It's the wife, sister, daughter, the girlfriend who call clinics like these for help. They see their loved one destroying themselves and miss that loved one as apart of their life. A daughter of a former addict told me her story and in it she said "I missed the father I knew, and I just wanted my father back"At that moment, the concept wrote itself. The ad features many former addicts and their families. It was an honor to meet these courageous people and to hear their heartbreaking yet uplifting stories of recovery. With in a month of running this commercial Creative Care had to stop running the ad as they had run out of beds at the center. They immediately began plans to expand the Creative Care center.

Project Roles
Creative Director, Director
Copywriting, Creative Direction, Filmmaking
Commercials - Broadcast
Creative Care