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Kevita - Kombucha

After starting up in Ojai California, as a small business full of integrity and vision, Kevita grew exponentially and found itself looking for it's "reason to be" and a brand identity that was planted firmly in the roots of it's origin and vision, but also expanded into a much broader market. Kevita wanted to bring the benefits of probiotics to the masses. For the pitch I assembled a team that would strategically and creatively, collaborate and explore many different paths into this beautiful challenge. Through a very shared process of discovery we realized the demographic and American culture in general was needing to come together. The market didn't need just another brand it needed a movement. And with that "Kevita. Cultivate Good From Within" was created. KeVita recognizes that simple healthy choices evolve into amazing things. Movements even, and it all starts within. We’re inviting people to “do you.” To live their truth at full volume. To feel good and share that with the world. Now more than ever, we need to come together and cultivate something bigger than ourselves. It’s amazing what happens when our inner good finds it's way out into the world.

Project Roles
Creative Director
Creative Direction
Billboards, Social Media Content
Kevita - Kombucha