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ArcLight Cinema

The third win for my Ignited team was ArchLight Cinema's. The theater going experience has had a up hill battle in recent years, and because of that, many theaters have been moving away from their core business, MOVIES. ArcLight's mission is to bring film back into the cinema experience. ArcLight has built their business around being the very best place for film lovers to see a film. This means the entire experience is film centric. There are no ads before the films, you can reserve your seat, all within a state of the art black box environment. All of these advances are tuned perfectly, so you can enjoy the film as the filmmaker intended. The agency team and I were hard core cinephiles, and loved ArcLight cinema's passion for films. So, it was an incredible opportunity for us to work through our hearts and attack this with all our creative powers and win it. We worked from a very clear and strong position that ArchLight Cinema is the place to escape the intense world of distractions we live in, to a sanctuary dedicated to one purpose, great cinema. Great Cinema. No Distractions., became the line for the winning campaign. How does one write ads for a business that ultimately has a policy against advertising. You move the policy into the real world and declare war on distractions in the everyday life and hire a personality known as the voice of the most distracting gadget ever created, SIRI.

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ArcLight Cinema