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Sumatra Coffee Packaging

Coffee packaging design for Starbucks, printed in five spot colors, along with opaque white matte only on the tiger and a few random other places-- to really make the colors pop! This single-origin coffee features the revered Sumatran tiger, along with various botanicals found on the island. (My personal favorite is the corpse flower, hidden on the left side of the package, which smells pretty bad, but it's a huge beautiful and somewhat alien-looking flower that makes me smile.) I designed this in Oct 2018, and it released in Asian markets (only) in Oct 2019. (I've been so excited to share and now here it is.)

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Designer, Illustrator
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
Illustrations, Packaging, Product Designs
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Sumatra Coffee Packaging
Sumatra Coffee Packaging
Sumatra Coffee Packaging