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UCLA DMA Website Redesign

The UCLA Department of Design Media Arts (DMA) is an experimental and multidisciplinary digital arts program fostering individual exploration and creative thinking. Recruited as the designer for the department's internal web and marketing team, I was tasked with redesigning the department's long outdated website to one with a more modern aesthetic and comprehensive, intuitive navigation. Working under the guidance of faculty Chandler McWilliams and with fellow DMA student Yujin Tsuruo, we identified two main areas for improvement within the current DMA site: 1. Simplification of navigation (currently a redundant amount of tabs, panels and links to the same pages) 2. Shift from intimidating text-heavy interface to a more visually driven appearance showcasing diversity of student and faculty work (show not tell) ​​​​​​​

Project Roles
After Effects, Design, Sketch
UI Design, UX Designs, Websites
Project Industries
UCLA DMA Website Redesign
UCLA DMA Website Redesign
UCLA DMA Website Redesign