FordChat bot

Getting a new car is amazing. Buying one can be a drag. So we developed the FordChat bot to offer potential buyers an engaging, pressure-free and super convenient way to shop for a Ford vehicle. My goal as the writer was to create a voice that felt natural and fun—as if you’re talking to a friend who just happens to possess an unnatural volume of knowledge about Ford cars. Emojis, gifs and self-deprecating robot humor were all welcomed. Then we needed to get the word out about FordChat—but in a way that didn’t feel too advertising-y. After all, the spots needed to be compelling enough to catch people’s attention in the crowded social space. The solution? A series of fun, kinda weird and super-short videos that highlight how easy it is to find your dream car—whenever and wherever you want.

Project Roles
Copywriter, Editor (Brand/Content), Writer
Conceptual, Content Writing, Copywriting, Human-Centered Design
Branded Content, Desktop Apps, Mobile Apps, Social Media Content, Social Media Copy
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Advertising, Automotive
FordChat bot
FordChat bot