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Vocabulary: Streaks and More

Design direction for a system of badges that represent streaks, schools, and jams. These categories of achievements are part of a larger system of over 100 achievement badges (they include Levels and Mastering Words). What constitutes a streak? Streaks are pretty straightforward: when a student gets at least 5 answers in a row, they receive their first Streak badge. We count streaks all the way up to 100 in a Row (this is pretty hard to achieve). In addition, we track the number of days in a row that a student masters a word, and this counts toward their Daily Streaks. Streaks This series revolves around the concept of speed. Students start by getting a propeller beanie, progress to a hang glider, a jetpack, and eventually a rocket ship. And when a student gets a perfect round (during an activity they’re playing, such as a spelling bee, quiz, or practice) they earn a special treat. Daily Streaks The daily streak badges were inspired by Jack and the Beanstalk–every consecutive day that a student masters a word, they follow a new character higher and higher up the beanstalk. One of the goals behind daily streaks is to encourage students to come back and play each day, so we wanted to make these badges fun and engaging. School Achievements Every year, schools that have students playing on Vocabulary.com automatically become part of a friendly competition called the Vocabulary Bowl. This is a competition to see which schools can master the most words during the course of the school year. Achievement badges are awarded to schools on a monthly and annual basis, based on the criteria you see above. Jam Winners A jam is a friendly competition between different teams of students. These can take place amongst classmates, between different schools, and with anyone that you want to invite to a jam. Achievement badges are awarded to students on the winning team.

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Vocabulary: Streaks and More
Vocabulary: Streaks and More
Vocabulary: Streaks and More
Vocabulary: Streaks and More
Vocabulary: Streaks and More