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How We Clean - UV, Heat, and Steam Cleaning Animation

I was assigned to create a playful, informative, animation that showcased how thoroughly the company cleans its mattresses in between rental periods to different customers, each stage of the process (UV, Heat, and Steam treatments) needed to be included. I created multiple hand-drawn storyboards of different concepts and creative-directions, working with my boss to narrow down to the final design. I then translated my drawings into photoshop illustrations for each frame of the animation, and combined them in a finalized GIF format.

Project Roles
Animator, Artist, Designer, Illustrator, Motion Designer
Roomie, Inc.
Adobe Photoshop, Cartoonist, Creative Research, Design, Motion, Sketching, Stop Motion, Storyboarding, Traditional / Hand-drawn
2D Animations, Cartoons, GIFs, Illustrations, Motion Graphics, Storyboards
Project Industries
Advertising, Retail, Startups
How We Clean - UV, Heat, and Steam Cleaning Animation