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Get ready to destroy everything to create something new. Kerchow! MAX DYNAMITE is a short film about a down on his luck twenty-something who uses an online fitness regime to turn his life around. But as he gets deeper, he finds out that there may be more behind Max Dynamite's rippling abs... STARRING Ryan Blewett ( Peter Sudarso ( And introducing Emily Rudd ( Directed by Ryan Blewett & Kelli Reilly Written by Ryan Blewett Director of Photography -- Justin Hall 1st AC -- Josh Kirkwood 2nd AC -- Layne Watts Original Score -- Chase Ryan Sound Recording -- Logan Ritchey Behind the Scenes -- Bethany Struble Makeup -- Carlie Reilly Stunt Choreography -- Mark Poletti A RYBLEW FILM

Project Roles
Art Director, Director, Producer
Art Direction, Producing
Short Films