Shift State

A team of scientists and performance coaches came to B-Reel with an idea to turn the breath work methods that they had developed into a mobile app that the general public could use to control their state of being. We were tasked with naming the brand, creating the brand identity and developing the functionality of the app itself. Our strategic approach was formed around the insight of this app being a set of specific tools that help regulate the inner experience of the human body. This utilitarian approach manifested in simple illustrations that precisely and viscerally guided the breathing exercises in the app. Our language was empowering, to-the-point and hopeful. The ability to shift your mental / emotional state of being is within your control. You only need to get the app and follow the customized prescriptions developed for you.

Project Roles
Brand Strategy, Design Strategy
App Design, Brand Identity, Branding, Mobile Apps, Social Media Content
Shift State