Together We Go Slow

This project was nominated for The National Lions Share Competition (official Cannes Lions Representative in Lithuania). I have won the first place and The Grand Prize - representing Lithuania in The Young Cannes Lions Competition in Cannes Lions 2018. Magazine "Zmones" was looking for a digital campaign to execute their marketing strategy. The campaign should have helped the magazine to become recognised as a valuable tool for a quality going slow 'me' time. WHAT WAS OUR INSIDE? We read magazines once and then they end up being thrown away. So even if the magazine serves its purpose of becoming a 'going slow' time tool, each issue reaches an audience of a few and creates a limited amount of a quality 'me' time. WHAT WAS THE SOLUTION? Make each issue of "Zmones" magazine into a reusable platform of content that can serve to a broad community of people. HOW DOES IT WORK? "Zmones" invites readers to share the used magazines with others: • Readers can use the campaign's map to pin the place where they left their magazine for anyone to take it, read it, and leave it to someone else after. • There are blank pages at the end of every magazine's issue. Those pages are left for the reader to leave an honest part of himself in. As the magazine's sharing is done anonymously, the storyteller can open up without fear of being judged. • Every interaction with each issue makes the magazine richer in unique and raw content. • This creates a loop of ever-growing quality "slow time" material. "Zmones" grows from personal "me time" tool to a massive community slowing down platform that captures more and more attention with each new reader.

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Art Director, Content Producer, Content Strategist
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Together We Go Slow
Together We Go Slow