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Dunkin' Docs

Since the beginning, Dunkin’ has come to serve more than just delicious coffee and food. They impact the lives of their customers daily by serving something extra, optimism. To honor this off menu offering, we created a short documentary series called Dunkin’ Docs. Each film focuses on a story that is uniquely Dunkin’, which means it makes it makes a positive difference in the life of an American. One of our films focuses on Benny, an Iranian immigrant who against all odds escaped wartime, walking and climbing over mountains to make it to the United States. Here he took an entry level job at Dunkin’, never looking back. 15 years later, Benny became a successful Dunkin’ franchisee. Stories like these aren’t just significant stories for Dunkin’, but critical stories for today. Which is why we feel they deserve a selection spot at this year’s I & C awards. At a time where our daily news feeds are only feeding us bleak perspectives, these films provide a much-needed bright spot. And they’re what we consider to be an essential weapon in the fight for equality and optimism. At the very least, their positive fuel to keep us running every day. And we hope they give you what they gave us, hope.

Project Roles
Copywriter, Creative Director
BBDO New York
Art Direction, Copywriting, Creative Direction
Commercials - Video, Documentaries, Unscripted TV
Dunkin' Docs