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adidas Project Harden Volume 1

When adidas signed NBA star James Harden, we were asked to build hype for his first signature shoe. For 3 months. Without without showing the shoe. The audience — Gen Z sneakerheads and athletes — have a notoriously short attention span. Our strategy team uncovered insights around the role that ephemerality plays in their online behavior, and these fed our content strategy and creative approach. Project Harden played out like a story with 11 chapters. The content strategy centered on weekly themes around Harden's personality, game, gear, life, and future. The format was purposely non-linear (and came down for good after 7 days) to prevent people from getting too comfortable. Since James Harden "hacks" the game of basketball, our design approach took cues from the glitchy, kinetic, hacker aesthetic of properties like Mr. Robot. Our approach was validated as engagement rates were through the roof. Compared to @adiHoops social benchmarks, @ProjectHarden followers were 3 times more likely to engage with a post. That cost per engagement ended up 14% lower than benchmarks. This wildfire helped pave the way to the shoe being the fast-selling in adi Hoops history.

Project Roles
Creative Director
Swift Agency
Creative Strategy, Management of Teams 1-10, Content Strategy, Creative Direction, Wrangling - Creatives
Advertising, Social Media Content, Branded Content, Short Films, Visual Designs
Project Industries
Fashion, Sports
adidas Project Harden Volume 1
adidas Project Harden Volume 1
adidas Project Harden Volume 1
adidas Project Harden Volume 1