Millennium Villages Project

The Millennium Villages, an initiative founded by the Earth Institute at Columbia University and several UN organizations, partnered with Pratt Institute to change the way healthcare is learned and taught in rural Africa with this visual tool. The illustrated manuals allow the Community Health Workers (or CHWs) to teach locals in their native languages about many topics ranging from oral hygiene to pregnancy to HIV and AIDS. One volume is a teachers’ guide, used to train CHWs on the best ways to utilize the CHW handbook. The second volume is dual-sided. The CHW-facing side of each page contains visuals and technical information for the CHW, while the patient-facing side displays large, clear images of each topic.

Project Roles
Designer, Illustrator
Pratt Institute
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Design, Ethnographic Research, Human-Centered Design, Research, User Behavior Research
Illustrations, Infographics, Prototypes
Project Industries
Health/Pharma, International, Non-Profit
Millennium Villages Project
Millennium Villages Project
Millennium Villages Project
Millennium Villages Project