BRILINTA.com Redesign

In 2018, AstraZeneca tasked Patients and Purpose with redesigning the online presence for BRILINTA, a heart attack treatment drug. They wanted us to create a user-centered experience to showcase the benefits and side effects of their treatment, as well as provide information about financial assistance. As part of the process, we conducted six user interviews with potential patients and caregivers involving task completion exercises using desktop and mobile prototypes. Project Role - Analyzed previous website to determine what was working and what could be improved - Reorganized the site's content to better fit both the user's and client's needs - Created wireframes for desktop and mobile approaches - Developed clickable desktop and mobile prototypes for use during remote user testing - Developed a script and questionnaire for user testing

Project Roles
UX/IA Designer
Interaction, Sketch
Interaction Designs, Site Maps, User Flows, UX Designs, Websites, Wireframes
Project Industries
BRILINTA.com Redesign