The Auton-orama: The Autoshow for the Autonomous Era.

As cars continue to evolve, so must the ways that we exhibit them to the world. The transition from driver-operated machine to self-driving supercomputer necessitates that people will entrust their lives with these vehicles’ driving abilities. Following in the footsteps of the 1939 Futurama, and the Motoramas of the 1960s, The Auton-orama reimagines the convention center autoshow to create an experiential, trust-building playspace, connecting tomorrow’s passengers and pedestrians with automated vehicles in an immersive and risk-free environment.

Project Roles
Executive Producer
Master's Thesis
3D, Adobe Illustrator, After Effects, CNC, Content Strategy, Copywriting, Creative Research, Editing, Environmental, Environments, Ethnographic Research, Experiential, Human-Centered Design, Learning Experience Design, Low / High Fidelity Prototyping, Low Budget, Maya, Modeling, User Behavior Research, User Research, Virtual Tours, Woodworking
3D Illustrations, Augmented Reality, Brand Guidelines, Environmental Design, Presentations, Storyboards, Virtual Reality
Project Industries
Augmented Reality, Automotive, Technology, Travel/Tourism, Virtual Reality
The Auton-orama: The Autoshow for the Autonomous Era.
The Auton-orama: The Autoshow for the Autonomous Era.