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Wellnite Health

Wellnite had a doozie of a messaging challenge. As a B2C telehealth site, they cater to an audience who suffers from clinical depression and anxiety. Their competition would often receive upset comments from consumers due to their messaging seriously missing the mark. The competition chose to focus on how depression and anxiety make an individual feel, but the issue with that is that everyone's mental illness is different. Consumers interpreted the messaging as objectification of their struggle. When I first started with Wellnite, their messaging bore close resemblance to their competitor. After several weeks of in-depth market research, I determined a unifying message that Wellnite's target audience could all rally behind. The copy I wrote for the Wellnite website focuses on the patient as the hero, making their way through an uphill mental health challenge. Wellnite is their treatment champion, the one throwing out all the rules of traditional healthcare limitations, making care accessible to all. Shifting the focus showed initial results of 84% conversion within days of the new copy going live.

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Copywriting, Editing
Social Media Copy, Websites
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Wellnite Health
Wellnite Health