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By rejuvenating neglected and barren strips of concrete into an interactive public spaces, Beirut’s staircases can be engaged by society to socialize and unwind while having their senses stimulated by virtue of color, scent, and light. Notably, it does so by indefinitely running solely on renewable energy sources. The literal weaving of hue, scent, and light produce a dynamic multi-sensory space that hosts different scenes as its aura and aroma change on a circadian basis. Soft hues, nature aromas, and the sporadic breaking through of sunlight impersonate a fresh natural forest scene at daybreak. While warm hues, spiced aromas, and dimming lights perform a dim and intimate twilight scene at nightfall. By putting scent at the of this urban renewal, people are stimulated on an individual and collective level by the only sense directly able to process creativity, emotion, and memories. Undoubtedly, a much needed dash of inspiration is added to Beirut’s urban jungle.

Project Roles
Animator, Architect, Designer, Lighting Designer
3D CAD, Lighting, Rhino
3D Animations, Architectural Visualization, Architecture
Project Industries
International, Technology