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Tree of Life Projection

This projection was my senior thesis at Savannah College of Art and Design. It was created over the course of four months, and involved many different programs including; After Effects, C4D, Metashape, X Particles, Z Brush, and Mad Mapper. Creating this as my senior project was a no brainer because it was naturally immersive, and naturally shifted my own consciousness to a more spiritual plane. Overall we probably spent 200 - 300 hours total working on this project, with maybe 10 - 20 of those hours being on site. Huge thanks to Alexandra Munro for helping me move equipment back and forth, and offering advice for what to do next. https://alexandrarae.myportfolio.com/ Thanks to my mentors on this project Kelly Carlton and John Colette, with out John this would not of been conceptualised, and without Kelly it technically wouldn't of been possible. I also want to thank them for their criticisms, and their ideas that made this project much better. Lastly I would like to thank the guys who got documentation of the tree. Nestor Tomaselli, and Ben McGonnel. Nestor: https://www.nestortomaselli.com/ Ben: https://www.benjamin-mcgonnell.com/gallery/ Song: Dolly Spartans - "Hanging Out" https://soundcloud.com/dollyspartans/hanging-out-0 See More of My Work http://billywoods.us/demoreel

Project Roles
Art Director
After Effects, Cinema 4D
Project Industries
Augmented Reality
Tree of Life Projection