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Wolfenstein Youngblood E3 Launch Trailer

At MPC, I was one of four 2d and 3d artists who worked on this trailer. It announced the game at E3, playing before the creators’ official announcement. I was brought on after the design phase to be one of the production artists. The timeline was tight, and using Cinema4d we were able to assemble the shots from game assets and stock models that we re-textured and re-modeled as necessary. In key shots, the trailer uses volumetric smoke that I simulated in Houdini to add a heightened level of realism. I helped design our rendering pipeline in coordination with the 3d VFX department and IT so that we could take on the challenge of raytracing all the hazy light shafts that help define the look of the piece.

Project Roles
2D, 3D, 3D Generalist, After Effects, Cinema 4D, Compositing
3D Animations
Project Industries
Entertainment, Gaming