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MDVIP is a leading concierge medicine company with 850 affiliate doctors in the U.S. who more effectively treat their patients as a result of smaller, more focused practices. Our goal was to increase memberships despite low category awareness and annual fees that averaged $1,650, which are supplemental to standard insurance. How do we convince people of the value of a membership with such a high price point in a market flooded with healthcare providers saying the exact same thing? Buck the tired tropes and leave viewers shaken. “You. Better.” video is an unexpectedly dark, moody campaign that depicts the stark contrast between high quality and poor preventative healthcare in a single character. Think: future multiverse. The first version of the woman is a healthy, active MDVIP member while the other is a less active, less healthy person content with standard healthcare. Upon seeing one another, they realize the harsh truth.

Project Roles
Copywriter, Creative Director
Conceptual, Copywriting, Creative Direction, Creative Strategy
Advertising, Commercials - Video
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