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Designing the touch interface for a modern electric vehicle

I thought this would be a case where I would have to “design for everyone” but the data shows a pretty specific market. I considered a trip to the Tesla store to do some user interviews and observation but I saved some time and found a with some good info. It outlined the needs and behavior of two key user types—commute drivers and meeting drivers. ​​Commute drivers need to be able to access entertainment and set their destination to navigate to and from work on time. ​​Meeting drivers need to know their charge level as they drive to many meetings throughout the day. They also need to know where they can charge to avoid outage. I analyzed my research, created user stories, prioritized the stories based on user needs. I then created solutions that reflected those priorities. ​​I created an experimental, modern layout to appeal to the senses of the tech-savvy, affluent user base.

Project Roles
Product Designer
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Figma, Sketch
Products - Digital
Project Industries
Designing the touch interface for a modern electric vehicle