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Invisible Faces

On Friday, January 22, 2010, officers responded to a missing child call at 130 Vandalia Avenue, Brooklyn, NY. Upon arrival, officers were greeted by the child’s foster mother who informed them that her foster son, 7-year-old Patrick Alford, had gone missing. The traditional methods, like posters and press conferences, weren’t driving enough attention to his case. It was time for a new approach. One that would put his case into a place that’s known for drawing people’s eyes. So we created an initiative that turns faceless mannequins of storefront windows into media to help find missing persons. By replacing a generic mannequin face with a sculpted version of Patrick’s face, the NYPD is giving his case the exposure that it needs. With Invisible Faces, the NYPD created a platform where stores everywhere can join in to help find other missing persons.

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Copywriter, Creative Director
BBDO New York
Copywriting, Creative Direction
Commercials - Broadcast, Commercials - Radio, Commercials - Video, Interactive Installations
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Invisible Faces