Reincarnation Bike Rack

With 10 million people and 8 million vehicles, São Paulo’s transportation system has maxed out. Many people started questioning the heavy use of cars by its citizens and we wanted to join this discussion with more than arguments. We wanted to show physical evidence. So, instead of talking about the advantages of bicycles, we showed them. We wanted to show the spatial advantage of bikes vs cars. And we did it, literally. We crushed an old car, melted it and, with the help of design, transformed the material into a bike rack with 26 bike spaces.

Project Roles
Artist, Copywriter, Creative Director
Commercial, Conceptual, Copywriting, Creative Direction, Environmental, Experiential, Low Budget, Mixed Media, Outdoor
Advertising, Art, Case Study Videos, Concept Art, Environmental Design, Furniture, Interactive Installations, Sculptures, Street Art
Project Industries
Lifestyle, Sports
Reincarnation Bike Rack