Papel & Caneta – Vote With Your Tote

Each year, NYC residents use and discard approximately 10 billion single-use plastic grocery bags, a whopping $12.5 million disposal cost. So to bring awareness to the issue and get Governor Cuomo to propose a plastic bag fee in order to truly change consumer behavior, we worked with Papel & Caneta and Jennie Romer, founder of PlasticBagLaws.org, on the 'Vote With Your Tote' project. We partnered with five bodegas across the five different NYC boroughs, pairing each with a talented artist who could design creative tote bags unique to their business. This direct relationship turned the movement into something that was up-close and personal. Our final video received 297K organic views, and 600+ shares. In addition, for every "like" on Youtube, a Twitter bot would send an automated tweet to the Governor encouraging him to take action.

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Papel & Caneta – Vote With Your Tote