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English Premier League

Background The FIFA World Cup broadcast wasn't a resounding success for Optus Sport. In fact, despite the fact that the technical problems affected a minute number of fans, it was front page news - even Malcolm Turnbull got involved. So with the Premier League the next cab off the rank, we had some work to do to win back the true football fans. Insight Aussies who follow the English Premier League fans are a unique breed. In a country that is cricket, AFL, League and Union crazy, they are ever vigilant in their support for their team - a team that plays on the other side of the world at 2am and who they may never get to see play live. Idea Because Football - Only the Premier League can inspire the (at times irrational) levels of dedication shown by Australian fans. Execution We collaborated with Mundial - the football mag for the true football fan. We profiled 20 die-hard Premier League Fans from around Australia to get to the heart of why it's in a league of its own.

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Copywriter, Creative Director
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Advertising, Sports
English Premier League