"Diamond Net Logo" - Zen Mountain Monastery

The Diamond Net is a group that provides support to community members during times of illness and other difficult life transitions. The logo’s typography blends the stately and timeless with the modern and airy. While this combination is consistent with Zen Mountain Monastery’s past use of Trajan Pro and Avenir Next, their use in a logo varies from other MRO logos and signifies that the group is run MRO Lay Practitioners. The icon consists of 4 Bees arranged in the shape of a diamond in a field of burgundy. While inspired images of Bees can be found throughout the world’s ancient wisdom traditions, today, the buzz of busy bees bring us a familiar sense of warmth, community, and possibility. At a distance the image of the 4 individual Bees merge together to form a pattern that resembles the threads of a Net. This reminds us that even though we may not always see it, a compassionate network surrounds us. From this perspective it also becomes easier to see that the central negative space between the 4 Bees forms the shape of a heart. This suggests our true strength comes not just from us acting as individuals, but it is born from the healing power that is created between us.

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"Diamond Net Logo" - Zen Mountain Monastery
"Diamond Net Logo" - Zen Mountain Monastery