Nike "Sisters in sport"

How do you take a brand that’s known for individual achievement and translate it for cultures that are all about teamwork? You give them a training partner. For Spring ’09, we took our NikeWomen athletes off of their pedestals and turned them into teammates, coaches and mentors. We invited women all across Europe to choose one of three athletes to become their sister in sport. You could join her team in Nike Training Club, and she’d send you personal messages based on your progress that rewarded you for your successes and inspired you when you were flagging. You could ask her questions, which she’d answer once a month via webcam, get emails with tips based on her personal experiences, see what she was up to by checking her status and shop her favorite outfits. For the first time, it introduced our Nike athletes on a very human and relatable level. You got a peek inside their lives and got to know them as people. The results were impressive. In one season, membership in the NikeWomen community more than tripled and European participation in the Nike Training Club module surpassed all client expectation, causing Europe to be singled out for creative excellence by the global Nike team in Portland.

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Nike "Sisters in sport"
Nike "Sisters in sport"
Nike "Sisters in sport"