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Staten Island Hospital

These were just a few projects I created for SIUH/LIJ Hospitals. The first was a campaign for the ‘Teen Risk Assessment Program’ or RAP. It was run in 3/4 boroughs and was very successful in getting teens to engage about confidential questions about sex! Very simple - scan the code and ask a question! Below was just a pamphlet about vascular health. A fun ‘play-on-words’ brochure requested by their vascular department that used the amount of miles of veins in your body to craft a headline like a brochure you may see in Jiffy Lube. A hell of a lot more intriguing than ‘read about your veins’, It was picked up more than any other brochure in their waiting room, especially by men.

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staten island university hospital
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Staten Island Hospital
Staten Island Hospital
Staten Island Hospital