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The World's First Ad on an iPad

How to create the world's first interactive iPad ad before anyone actually had an iPad to test on? Get crafty. In 2009, I collaborated closely with T3 to create the world's first interactive ad on a tablet device. The team at T3 worked with me to concept and design the artwork; then I built the unit and made it functional. The only challenge was... nobody had an iPad to test it on before the iPad's launch day—they literally weren't available yet! And our partners at the New York Times —where the campaign was going to run—could neither confirm nor deny whether they had one of the few iPads in existence. (They did.) Nor could they tell us whether or not it was behind a locked, guarded door, chained to a desk, deep within the confines of their 8th Ave tower. (It was.) Needless to say, it all want off without a hitch.

Project Roles
Creative Director, Creative Technologist, Front-End Developer
Creative Direction, Design, Management of Teams 1-10
HTML 5 Banners, Mobile Apps
Project Industries
Advertising, Finance
The World's First Ad on an iPad