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Joie Brands Logo Design

Dubai based branding agency, Joie Brands, needed to add the final ingredient to their very own strategic rebrand: a custom logotype. — The logo was hand-crafted to express their attitude and newly established mission statement of creating brands that are more approachable & more human: “We build passionate brands that enrich the human experience.” Joie Brands also had a very distinct style they were after, so considerable effort was placed on each letterform having a life of its own. The process required the letters to be individually created with a brush in order to achieve the desired varied stroke contrast & randomness. These were then converted into vectors, combined, refined & crafted to produce the final piece.

Project Roles
Designer, Letterer
indent design studio
Adobe Illustrator, Calligraphy, Lettering
Lettering, Logos
Project Industries
B2B, Media
Joie Brands Logo Design
Joie Brands Logo Design
Joie Brands Logo Design
Joie Brands Logo Design